Konkurs: Dizajner/ica i programer/ka u Fondaciji Mreže za promjene Jugoistočne Evrope

Pozicija: Web designer and programmer

Location:  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Application Deadline: August 22 ’14
Languages Required: English
Starting Date: (date expected to start) September 22 ’14
Concluding Date: October 31 ’14
Expected Duration of Assignment: 15 to 20 working days

1. Background: SEE Change Net is a regional, virtual think-tank, which exists with a goal to support the development of fact-based research and advocacy, for a sea change in policy and practice, towards a more sustainable development in South East Europe. In the past year, SEE Change Net has been the leading partner in a project meant to bring a new perspective to the countries of South East Europe when it comes to implementing and strengthening energy policies – SEE SEP (South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy). SEE SEP is a multi-country, multi-year program which has 16 CSO partners from across the region with financial support from the EC, Balkan Trust for Democracy and UNDP.

The redesigned website of SEE Change Net should provide a clearer image of the SEE Change Net Foundation’s mission and activities, and also serve as a multi-project platform to host and give clear insight into a number of different projects (SEE SEP, No Coal (ECF), Landscape Architects Association, etc.) The new website should integrate all of these projects into a coherent and understandable whole, but also provide he possibility to observe them separately and reach them in a clear and simple way. The new website should have a simple and attractive design, be easy to navigate and be open to user feedback.

SEE Change Net is now looking for a website designer and programmer to carry out the effort.
2. Scope of Service:

– Assessing the current SEECN website structure and contents for ease of accessibility, quality of contents, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance/update, information retrieval, etc.
– Meeting(s) with designated SEECN staff, collectively and individually, to identify expectations and features for a redesigned website.
– Conceptualizing and proposing at least 3 significantly different layouts/versions of how the redesigned web site would look like.
– Designing the website structure, taking into account the current sections, new sections, and special requirements.
– Technical design and development of functionalities on the website.
– Recommendations for backup/restore plan.
– Designing and establishing anti-hacker and antivirus plan for the website.
– Recommendations for software, hardware and other back-end applications related to web development.
– Being on disposal for eventual problem solving procedures in the future, after the new website is published.

3. Basic Requirements for Redesigned Website:
– New and visually attractive layout with interactive elements
– New and innovative solution for existing sections
– Innovative and clever solution for new planned sections of different projects
– Design should accommodate the ability to host an interactive presentation such as the one on My 20 50 Calculator:
– Possibility for SEECN staff to easily post on website
– A modular and open source, easy to use and secure CMS (i.e. WordPress)
– SEO optimization
– Possibility to add potential new sections and subpages if necessary in the future (for example, blog)
– Possibility to easily share content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…)
– Being on disposal for possible changes or help after the redesigned website is active

4. Qualifications/selecting criteria:
– Proven and solid knowledge and experience in website design and programming
– Proven and solid knowledge on website security and website hosting service
– Fluent in spoken and written English

The assignment is open to all individuals/companies who fulfil the selecting criteria.

5. Application Procedures: Qualified candidates are requested to submit their offer by August 22 2014 to SEE Change Net Foundation at The candidates should provide:
1. CV (limit to 2 pages)
2. Portfolio (if available)
3. 3 examples of previous work (especially if similar to SEE Change Net website)
4. A written proposal of redesign focused on solving the problem of complexity and integration of different projects the website should present equally and with clear insight
5. Financial offer (specifying a total lump sum amount in EUR for completion of the tasks specified in this announcement)

Candidate/company staff engaged for this service shall not be personnel of SEE SEP Partners or related to any staff member in SEE SEP in a way that falls under the Conflict of Interest as defined in PRAG, Annex 1.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

For more information please visit link here.


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