“Start something good” in Bijeljina

Impakt Investment Foundation and the City of Bijeljina organized a unique event – “Start something good in Bijeljina” – where the previous cooperation was presented and also presented 15 business ideas that were realized through the Incubator of Business Ideas in Bijeljina.

Through the integrated support program, the Impakt Investment Foundation encourages individuals to realize their business potential and thus directly contribute to the economic growth of local communities and employment growth. In the past 3 years, the Impact Investment Foundation has supported the establishment of over 300 businesses in 55 local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the period 2018-2022, through joint action and cooperation in Bijeljina, over 250,000 KM were invested in entrepreneurship, and 26 businesses were established.

“We are very proud of the cooperation we have with the City of Bijeljina and of all 26 supported businesses, because most of them are active and successful even today in the areas in which they operate. The city of Bijeljina is one of the more progressive local communities, which recognizes that investing in small and medium enterprises is an excellent investment for the future of the local community and the entire country, “said Senajid Djozo, executive director of the Impact Investment Foundation.

The Mayor of the City of Bijeljina pointed out that he was glad that the efforts and commitment of the city administration were recognized by the community. “Being a city with over 2,000 registered entrepreneurs means that we have a good business atmosphere, and of course it can always be better, and we will go with initiatives to reduce taxes on entrepreneurs and the economy in general to facilitate business,” said Mayor Ljubisa Petrovic.

A three-year Agreement on Cooperation between the City of Bijeljina and the Impact Investment Foundation was signed today, thus providing educational, mentoring and financial support to future entrepreneurs from Bijeljina.

The event was also attended by the Ambassador of Switzerland to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Daniel Hunn, who did not hide his satisfaction with the business ideas presented today and the results achieved in the past period. “Today's event is proof of sustainability, which is extremely important and significant for me and the Swiss Embassy in BiH. We at the Embassy are convinced of the quality of work of the Impakt Investment Foundation, and it is also proof that hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina is possible if all conditions are set in the right way. The job of politicians is to create an environment suitable for business, and the City of Bijeljina shows that it knows and shows that, among other things, with today's signed Agreement on Cooperation with the Impact Investment Foundation. In that way, in the future, young entrepreneurs will have the help and support of experts in the development of their business ideas, “said Ambassador Daniel Hunn.

In the past 4 years, the Impakt Investment Foundation in Bijeljina has supported:

  • Kabinet, Vedran Vuković
  • Grooming salon Barth, Vanja Manojlović
  • SLEEPWEEK, Tamara Teodorović
  • OPERI.BA, Sandra Senić
  • S-AUTO, Radosav Savić
  • Estetic studio Evgenija, Nikolic Yevgeniia
  • DPF Servis BN, Dejan Đukić
  • Lana Z, Cvijeta Lukić
  • Kralj podzemnih voda, Petar Malinović
  • Real Dreams, Sanja Stevanović
  • Eternella natural cosmetics, Maja Mršić
  • Centar za strane jezike Inlingua, Danijela Simić
  • Mini me kids fashion, Nataša Šušljik
  • Iz srca Semberije, Nikola Stajić
  • Marbeli  Baby kutak, Irena Bibić
  • PU Klub za djecu Čarolija, Vanina Terzić
  • SKW Solutions, Željko Đurđević
  • MakeUp Studio by Irena Nikolić, Irena Nikolić
  • Digitalna agencija Redakcija, Sreten Krstić
  • Agencija za nektretnine Centrum, Vladimir Radovanović

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