Request for Services: Policy Impact Analysis of Changes in Labour Legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and Kolektiv d.o.o. make up the consortium for MarketMakers – a project supported by the Swiss Government. The project aims to create jobs for over two thousand five hundred young women and men in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in four economic sectors – IT, food production and processing, tourism, and business process/professional services outsourcing. MarketMakers’ second phase began in June 2017 and runs for four years until May 2021.

This request for services (RfS) refers to MarketMakers’ work in its various services sectors, specifically with the aim of improving business climate and the demand for labour via amendments to existing labour legislation or the introduction of new legislation altogether

Research Objective(s)
The ultimate aim of this research is to estimate the impact of legislative changes (amendments or introductions) on employment and public finances and therefore to contribute meaningful analysis and evidence for policy solutions / reforms in this domain.

The assignment requires experts in labour market policy and economics to conduct an analysis of the foreseeable economic effects of specific labour legislation changes on levels of employment and net effects on public finances covering the following three categories: part-time employment; temporary employment and secondment (including ‘temp’ agencies); and, student employment.

MarketMakers has already conducted a comparative legal review of BiH legislation, involving the country’s three administrative units (BD, FBiH, and RS) as well as four neighbouring countries – Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, and Slovenia – in order to arrive at recommendations for legal reforms that are feasible and within the reach of the country’s policy-makers. These recommendations are presented in Section 3 below, whilst the full legal review and annexes will be shared with the selected experts upon contracting.

The findings of this research assignment will be used to (a) provide the private sector with sound evidence on the economic effects and possible obstacles that existing labour regulations are resulting in; so that they can (b) advocate for evidence-based regulatory and policy changes with relevant decision-makers in order to improve business and labour market outcomes.

All offers should be sent to addressed to the procurement team using the subject title “OFFER Labour Legislation Analysis” by the deadline of 23:59pm of Sunday 8th April 2018.

Please see full Request for Services: RFS10_Policy Impact Analysis_Labour Legislation_Final

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