IMPAKT Summary

It’s the beginning of August and it’s time to summarize the results that the Impakt Investment Foundation achieved in the previous period.

The IMPAKT incubator of business ideas is implemented in two cycles during the year. The first cycle was implemented in the period from May to July, and some of the achieved results are listed below:

  • The IMPAKT incubator was implemented in 10 local communities
  • 150 participants went through the incubator in the first cycle
  • We provided over 300 mentoring hours when developing a business idea and creating a business plan
  • 42 business ideas supported

The second cycle is ready and we have already announced a public call for participation in the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas in Bijeljina, and in August we will announce an invitation to 6 more local communities.

We are looking forward to the development of the businesses we supported in this cycle, and we are also looking forward to the new ideas that we will have the opportunity to meet and hear in the second cycle of the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas.

The IMPAKT incubator of business ideas is implemented in cooperation with:

Ministry of Science, Sports and Youth of Tuzla Canton

Tuzla Canton Employment Service

The city of Srebrenik

Municipality of Banovići

Municipality of Sapna

Municipality of Teočak

Municipality of Doboj Istok

Čelić municipality

The town of Zavidovići

City of Bihać

City of Konjic

Municipality of Travnik

City of Bijeljina

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