Three young people received support for their business ideas in Čelić

Adisa Mujčinović, Semir Mehanović and Nermin Mešević showed us that not all young people want to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina whose ideas were presented today as part of the final presentation of the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas Čelić.

After a comprehensive entrepreneurship workshop, the participants developed an idea into a business model, with plans and financial projections, which at today’s event, three young people had the opportunity to present their business ideas in front of a committee consisting of: Senajid Đozo, executive director of the Impakt investment fund, Lejla Elezović, Assistant Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth of the Tuzla Canton, Vinko Pavlović, Advisor to the Mayor of the Čelić Municipality and Suada Mešić, Head of the Employment Bureau of the Tuzla Canton.

As all three ideas received good marks, the commission decided to support all three and award them with non-reimbursable financial resources and additional professional mentoring support, namely:

Adisa Mujčinović – AVANT GARD LINGERIE
Nermin Mešić – Maintenance of green areas Ratkovići
Semir Mehanović – Driving School Manual MS
“Small communities are proof that a good idea can succeed if they are given adequate support, and the Impakt Investment Foundation, together with the Municipality of Čelić and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Tuzla Canton, provides not only financial but also professional mentoring in order to enable them to improve business processes and in order to achieve overall business efficiency. – said Senajid Đozić, executive director of the Impakt Investment Foundation, after the presentation of business ideas.

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