The First 300 – presented the results of the IMPAKT business idea incubator

The IMPAKT Investment Foundation on May 17, 2022 held conference “The First 300” where the results of the Impact Investment Foundation in the period 2018-2022 were presented.

“We are proud that we realized IMPAKT incubators of business ideas in 55 local communities where over 1800 ideas were born. More than 500 business plans have been developed, 300 businesses have been supported and more than 600 jobs have been created through the businesses we have supported through the IMPAKT incubator, “said Senajid Djozo, Executive Director of the Impact Investment Foundation.

The Impakt Investment Foundation continues to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of local communities in order to create better conditions for starting a business, which are certainly important for the development of local communities.

“The cooperation and partnership we have with local communities, employment services and cantonal and entity ministries is proof that our work has proven successful and long-term, as evidenced by the fact that the survival rate of the business is as high as 98%,” added Djozo.

At the panel discussion, entrepreneurs said that in order to facilitate their business, they need a reduction of administrative and utility fees, digitalization (web services, information services) and the support of institutions in founding new companies.

The conference closed with the following conclusions:

  • Synchronized and synergistic approach and cooperation of all relevant actors (government institutions, NGOs, private and educational sector) in the field of entrepreneurship is important and necessary for the overall support of entrepreneurship development. This approach contributes to better effects and the overall impact of the program, restores user confidence in institutions and provides more comprehensive and balanced support to users who want to start and / or develop their own businesses.
  • Also, with the implementation of the program to support the development of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to continuously work on improving the legislative framework for business with activities to improve the entrepreneurial environment in order to comprehensively encourage the development of entrepreneurship.
  • It is necessary to work on further development of local partnerships for employment and entrepreneurship in order to strengthen the mechanism that ensures a synergistic approach to the improvement of subject areas and to put all available funds for employment and entrepreneurship in the function of employment and entrepreneurship. the effects of one program on another.
  • When drafting strategic documents in the field of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to ensure the involvement of all relevant actors, especially associations of employers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and education, but also to promote the importance of these documents for a synergistic approach to support development and for end users.

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