Tailor Workshop “Tešević”

Novka started sewing when she was 15 years old and since then she has been making clothes and showing an interest in design and the fashion industry. She has always been interested in old crafts and handicrafts, but sewing, says Novka, is her choice.
The idea of ​​starting a business arose after many years of tailoring work, twenty years of experience and many satisfied customers.
Novka says that during the corona virus, she saw that her business survived and that there was a need in society for such services, even though there were no weddings or graduations, and this gave her the motivation to formalize her business. Then she applied to the IMPAKT incubator for business ideas, where she received training that, as she says, helped her a lot to put things in order and see in which way what needs to be done.

Tailor Workshop “Tešević” offers tailoring services, creating models according to the client’s wishes. The clothing items are intended for all structures of the population, and tailoring of clothing represents adaptation to the client. The products offered are different, not serially produced and sewn from all kinds of fabrics and materials.

There are two types of service available: the first service is when the client wants a finished product made to measure, and the second is when the client buys the material for his garment and pays only for the sewing of the garment. An additional service includes alterations (shortening, narrowing, etc.) of new and used clothes, giving the worn clothes a new shape. Novka’s workshop is located in an old kiosk in the courtyard of the house, which gives a special charm to the appointment and rehearsals.
Novak says that the business is enough to meet the needs of the local population and the surrounding towns, and she plans to rent space in Gacko.

“The training guided us step by step, how to get clients, create prices and other things. The advice I received through training and mentoring helped me a lot because even though I’ve been doing this job for a long time, I didn’t know some economic things, such as how to make the product worthwhile and what should be taken into account when setting prices,” says Novka.
It cooperates with reliable and safe partners for the procurement of materials and accessories in order to provide its clients with a quality product.

The tailoring workshop is open to everyone, and Novka says that her clients are mostly young girls who like to dress nicely and who want to have unique clothes tailored to their measurements. That’s how she decided to formalize and register her business, and for that reason she applied to the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas in Gacko.

Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal. That’s why I want to create a unique brand that would have the characteristics of an elegant and refined style, a unique design, available for all those who want to shine on a certain occasion.

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