The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Tuzla Canton allocates 200,000 KM for the Impact Incubator of Business Ideas for 10 local communities

Impakt Investment Foundation is continuously working on establishing partnerships of local actors in building the entrepreneurial ecosystem, an environment that stimulates potential entrepreneurs to start business ventures, but also provides support to existing entrepreneurs in preserving their business ventures.
Proof that Tuzla Canton strives for sustainable development and building an entrepreneurial ecosystem is the signing of the Partnership Agreement on the implementation of a comprehensive program to support the development of youth entrepreneurship “IMPAKT incubator of business ideas in Tuzla Canton”, which was signed today between IMPAKT Investment Foundation sports and youth of Tuzla Canton, Public Institution Employment Service of Tuzla Canton and 10 local communities.

The contracts were signed by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth of Tuzla Canton Ivana Mijatović, Director of the Employment Service of Tuzla Canton Fahrudin Mustafić and mayors and mayors of cities and municipalities participating in the program this year. The program is a continuation of a very successful cooperation from the previous period and is planned within the Tuzla Youth Strategy.

The cities and municipalities in which the IMPACT incubator will be implemented are:
• Tuzla
• Gracanica
• Doboj East
• Sapna
• Teočak
• Banovići
• Kladanj
• Čelić
• Lukavac
• Kalesija

The program IMPAKT incubator of business ideas of Tuzla Canton, among other things, includes a program of entrepreneurial training and financial, professional, mentoring and promotional support for young people in 10 local communities in Tuzla Canton.

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